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Syarikat Sri Minyak Tenaga Sdn. Bhd.

The Group logo with the distinctive colour combinations of red and yellow and the Group’s name ‘Sri Minyak’, is now synonymous with Shell and its quality products. The word “Sri” is rooted in Sanskrit which carries the general meaning of ‘grace, splendour, lustre, beauty; wealth, affluence, prosperity’ while ‘Minyak’ is the Malay word for ‘oil’.

Our Group started its business thirty years ago in 1985 with petroleum products. Over the years we had diversified into several businesses, but petroleum remains our core business. It is the persevering spirit of the pioneer, Syarikat Sri Minyak Tenaga (SMT), that has propelled the business to grow exponentially over the years into the diverse business that is today.

The Group holds a diversified business ranging from fuels and oil, transportation of fuel products, oil palms, oil palm fibre processing (for export) to property investment and development. The Group’s business in the fuels and oil industry remain the anchor: the core activity.

Beside the direct marketing and retailing of Shell products, SMT is the only company recognized by Shell for the DFOA (diesel) and the sole LBR (Light Branding Reseller) for diesel in Sarawak market.  In conjunction with its 30th Anniversary Celebration in 2015, SMT received a citation, a special appreciation for its 30 year-old partnership with Shell.

Our Group has achieve numerous awards, most notably Half-Million-Litre Achiever since 2003 until 2005. We then went on to be awarded Million-Litre Achiever from 2006 until 2008. Our sales increased from Multi-Million-Litre Achiever in 2009 and we have been getting Priority Club Achiever since 2010.

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We are approved distributor for SHELL FUELS and LUBRICANTS